Over the Top Philosophy

“We have been brought up with the absurd prejudice that only what we can reduce to a rational and concious formula is really understood and experienced in our life. When we say what a thing is, or what we are doing, we think we fully grasp and experience it. In point of fact this verbalization- very often it is nothing more than verbalization- tends to cut us off from genuine experience and to obscure our understanding instead of increasing it.” –Thomas Merton, Seeds of Contemplation

I can say i’ve seen the sun. I’ve seen it rise and the flowers open and turn to watch as it goes by, moving thru its course and sending out the shadows before it melts into the world again. The sunset in FL is nothing like the sunset in N’ville.- it is the same sun and from different perspectives i may see the sun differently and be blessed in contemplation differently in each place.

To say that i have learned about the sun would be to give me entirely too much credit. It is more than enough to say i have seen the sun- b/c even my sight was given to me, i cannot claim it.

In the same way, i have seen my own sinfulness and i have seen that i live by grace- and that’s it. I have seen my participation in the kingdom of heaven is altogether foolish grace and a near disatrous thought of our creator.

I have seen these things, but i cannot say that i have learned them.

I see that grace is not a begrudging handout to anyone who asks, but a moment of anticipation fulfilled. We do not pray the prayer of a sinner and then wait for the redemption of our ticket, we begin to pray and before we can finish we are taken in.

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