kingdom accessible

I was in FL a couple weeks ago and had a moment of profound out-of-placeness; i was sitting in a coffee-shop chain (trendy and here unnamed) and it was a sunday morning. The music playing was good stuff- Coltrane, Wainwright and the like- so i was just kinda grooving to it in my subdued dave way… fingers drumming (lightly, not annoying) foot tapping and at least inwardly bobbing just ever so slightly. Regardless of the song, i was right there with it.
I was there to read, and i was reading, and while i was reading, i was just in rhythm to the music. In the back of my head, on the table top, whatever, just letting the music do its thing with/to me while i read. And i was completely out of place.
I don’t know why, but that morning at the coffee shop no one else was grooving to the music. they were having their conversations, reading their papers, waiting for their coffees, whatever, it didn’t matter, they weren’t into the music. For them it was just part of the scenery, just backdrop, to be enjoyed or not like it’s no big deal.
I thought- in N’ville, everybody in the place would be subconciously gettin’ down. Maybe it’s cause everyone here is a musician and we all enjoy good music… i don’t know.
Ever have those moments where Yahweh claps his hands right next to your head? We call them thunderclap moments.

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a far away place. It’s not beyond eternity or the edge of the galaxy. The Kingdom of Heaven is a way of life- accessible and real and present. It’s the music that plays, the rhythm that moves the world every moment and our souls long to groove to it. But we treat the Kingdom of Heaven as if it’s something that will happen after the world ends, instead of the way the Yahweh intends us to live right now. We act like the Kingdom is no big deal and we’ll all go there someday, instead of living the Kingdom now.

The Kingdom of Heaven is never beyond the cosmos, (it is there, but not confined there) it is a very present, active reality to be embraced and lived, to be entered into- not left in the background, not part of the scenery.

And if you’re sitting in a coffee shop- do you tell people to start drumming their fingers because they should and that’s what God wants them to do? or do you just groove and pray they see you?


One Comment on “kingdom accessible”

  1. Jonathan Armstrong says:

    Dude, that was profound!

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