im reading Generous Orthodoxy b/c we got it for free and i was anticipating much annoyance and furious writing while reading it- for all the bad stuff I’ve heard, I didn’t have a good impression of the book or the guy going into the reading.

Um, it’s pretty good. I find myself nodding in agreement a lot thru the first 3 or 4 chapters and i’m learning new words- always fun. I keep expecting him to fall of the edge of the world in one of these chapters but so far, very solid stuff. No sign yet of the “squishy” theology i had been warned about. What does that make me?

One Comment on “Orthopraxy”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    this is good to hear….I have been putting off this book for kind of the same reasons, but also because I have a feeling that it will wreck me…blog about some of the impacting parts when you get done with it…I’d like to know…

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