I’ve been storing up a few ideas that i want to share in the next few posts- this might be a marathon night… in the meantime, i’ve been taking a vacation from blogging. I’m not resting b/c i’m burnt out from typing two paragraphs at a time- it’s more of a study break; self-imposed and short. I want to know what else is going on in the world and my time is limited enough that i have to choose between reading and writing.

Over and over, i see blogs and books and messages taking shots at the emerging church anti-personalities and over and over i see those who are shot at being gracious and aquiescent about the truths spoken.

What i see and hear against the emergent is appalling. I didn’t know we could take shots at one another and advance the kingdom at the same time. The worst of it is, not one of these accusations seem to be based on personal experience… i heard one guy preface his misquotation of Rob Bell by saying “Now, i don’t know this guy, and i haven’t actually heard him speak, but here’s what he says…” he twisted Rob’s words for a cheap laugh (which he got) and to further discredit the emergent.

More than ever, i want to say I’m not a christian, just so i can distance myself from angry, bitter people who see their kingdom threatened by the emergent. But i am drawn back by the grace and humility of the emergent. I can identify with that- at least, i want to identify with that.

So, what does that make me?

One Comment on “Sad”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    what does that make you? hopeful?

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