A holy garage sale moment.

Every once in a great while, i have moments where i am aware of the holiness of ordinary moments. This awareness comes while i am in the moment and it does come at the most ordinary times.

This past weekend, we had a garage sale. That is, our friends had a garage sale and we brought over 3 station wagons of crap to sell. We set up the scrabble game right in the driveway and waited for the cash like eagles with fake disinterest in the helpless bunnies far below.

Chris had just showed us that his letters spelled “america” if he turned the “w” upside down. Awerica. And there it was, a holy moment. Hanging out with friends, an absolutely gorgeous morning, resting from the weekly labor, meeting neighbors… i probably had a goofy smile on my face.

Those moments last for about 5 seconds. Just long enough to notice and breath very, very deeply, then let it go.


2 Comments on “A holy garage sale moment.”

  1. Charles Arcario says:

    i have read every square inch of your blog and clicked everything i could to keep myself busy in the attempt to make time go by at a quicker rate as i waited for your next post. i find your outlook on things interesting and funny in a way that seemed to stick to my ears like someone with tourette syndrome sitting next to you at an insurance seminar. it can be a bit disturbing at times, funny at others, but more interesting than most of what is going on at the moment. but alas….nothing

    i’m sad about that

    im going to make myself a steakdough casserole in the attempt to eat away at my sorrow

  2. metamoses says:

    Thanks, Charlie. My wife thought that was pretty funny- she doesn’t read my blog, she just lives with me. Anyway, my schmaltz filter is jammed pretty bad and ‘m having it cleaned. As soon as it’s ready, i’ll be blogging again. They told me that they would have it cleaned out by July 10th at the latest.

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