Millenium Falcon Faith

Try as i might to replicate the symptoms and signs and accidental by-products of faith and holiness, i cannot. I strive toward patience, humble submission or interior peace (which, if achieved, would be beyond understanding) but i will always fall short.

The xian life is not of striving for spiritual gain, it is of patient, humble submission to the will of God. The struggle is not about attaining enlightenment, but about taming the beast of self-will.

If Christ is serious about his claim to be Author and Perfector, then all my holy attempts to be a “better xian” are playacting and vainglory; second-rate theatrics which Christ never calls for and are not at all interesting to him.

No one wants me touching up a Rembrandt or operating heavy machinery- both of these ideas end in disaster. But for some reason i go thru extended periods where i attempt to author and perfect my own faith. Lovely.

The Still, Small Voice whispers, slightly exasperated, “Are you done yet? Can i get back to work?”

This is all way more complicated and involved than i think it is and my role is drastically less than what i think. Thanks goodness i am reminded of this from time to time and step away for a bit.

Now to the Millenium Falcon part. Normally, i’m against faith/movie analogies; so here goes…

My faith resembles the Falcon. For starters, I co-opted it (“hey, i won it fair and square.”) from someone else who drastically modified it from the makers original intentions. It’s pieced together, (“i’ve made a few modifications myself”) run-down (“what a piece of junk!”), falling apart (“Hear me, baby? Hold together”). Ineffectual (“this bucket of bolts is never going to get us past that blockade”), and doesn’t stand up well to criticism (“she’s got a few surprises left in her, sweetheart”- yep, that’s scriptural).

Being the scoundrel in this scenario doesn’t help, either.

And the very best part, to bring it full circle, i think i know what i’m doing and and i know where we’re trying to get to with this faith thing and… “I’m trying to get us out of here and you’re taking this apart?!” It’s pretty tough trying to be smug, self assured and confident thru all this. Say what you will about how the Falcon got the job done, blah, blah, blah… the point is, this is what faith looks like when i do the designing.



2 Comments on “Millenium Falcon Faith”

  1. Charles Arcario says:

    If you are going to go with the faith/movie analogy, you have to commit. I will provide some examples:

    1. Han Soul-O
    2. Darth Satan
    3. Only-Wan CanBeSon
    4. Yahwda
    5. Lazarus Treewalker
    6. Princess Leia Obedia
    7. Comebacca (cherch-againe-seun)
    8. Boba Faith
    9. Lando Canaan
    10. Jabez the Hutt
    11. RU-SVD2
    12. See-3P-Pol (a.k.a. the trinity)

    You need to get with it. It’s all or nothing.


  2. meg donahue says:

    “my” faith has been high, low, and at times non-existent, depending on… various situations. The lowest points were when I prayed for an unbeliever and God took me through the person’s thoughts on God, it felt like hell…because it was in a sense. The highs came as I surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, holding my self-will on an altar for Jesus to burn, and this long after I knew Him to have taken my rightful place on the execution block of heaven. Without a doubt, giving up self-will was the hardest thing I have ever done, it took all my physical as well as spiritual and emotional strength, but it that moment, I experienced a sweet communing with my heavenly “Papa” which I have never seen demonstrated even close in this world. Philosophy can take you only so far, But a close communing with our creator, especially while reading His love letters to us…there’s just nothing to compare it to…there’s no sweetness, no thrill, no substance of soul that comes close. You can physically feel the incredible satisfaction, love, and tenderness settle into that space deep down in your being, that place where nothing else will fit, but everyone tries all the time to fill it with anything to fill that space.

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