Contextual Thinking

“The secret to contextual thinking is that the whole discloses new meanings not available to the parts, and thus the big pictures we build will give new meanings to the details that compose it. Therefore, choose your big pictures wisely.” -ken wilber

Our big pictures, worldviews, or metanarratives are made up of little insights and little ideas- observations made along the way. These little pieces color the big picture in a certain way, then when we step back and look at the whole we can be surprised by what all the little pieces add up to. What we discover (un-cover what was previously covered up) is that we have a way of looking at life that we may not have quite appreciated in full, and not realised how the little details interact to form a bigger picture. The big picture then informs the little parts and colors them a slightly different shade… what happens to the big picture when the little pictures shift? The big picture, our worldview, reflects that on a large scale.

This is why we always have the capacity to learn and grow and (hopefully) mature, because our lives are integrated, not static or divided into autonomous categories. Every bit that we pick up can have a significant impact on the other bits we already have and  cause us to see, not just one category differently, but wide fields of thought and assumption can be dramatically shifted.


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