…and a checkmark for thursday.

a week since my last post. hmm. better than a month. not that there isn’t lots to talk about- Philadelphia. Fish on cars- or not. xianity w/o an edge. Bondology. The trouble is, i just let things boil (not simmer- boil, in a good way) in my head and never quite get them out in the blogosphere (hopefully first and last use of that term in this blog). Need about a week of good, strong, uninteruppted (by work, cats, other projects, life) blogging… or just a few minutes on a daily basis?…  i have over 50 items listed that i still want to put up here- just haven’t found a groove for regular posting. Greatly admire folk who can get it out there on a regular basis- doens’t have to be daily, just with some regularity. The blog-fast excuse only works once or twice a year…


2 Comments on “…and a checkmark for thursday.”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    just gotta push through the pain…:)

    I have a list of stuff, and use the good and throw out the stuff that i’m not inspired about…

    for me, i open up an e-mail to myself, titled: blogs, and as i get ideas, i reply to myself and if has any real merit, I’ll still feel like blogging about it when i get around to it…

    other people are just freakin’ good at it…not this guy…

    Miss you bro! Let me know about Catalyst!

  2. metamoses says:

    Hey Mike, don’t buy a ticket just yet. I’ll know more tomorrow as i may be “very busy” that weekend. I’ll keep you (Mike) posted… ’cause you read the comments.

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