We had friends in from PhillyCheeseSteak this weekend… it was like a slumber party, in a good way. Mike and Grace are amazing, artistic people. We talked about lots of stuff for hours on end, what sticks in my mind was the “editor vs. artist” debate and the role of the critic in artistic development. This is where i would link you to their site, but they don’t have one. They claim to not have the time for that sort of thing. Mike and I (just Mike) drew spectacles on the stone lion in our backyard as an homage to our (my) favourite wise-guy, Edmund- Ya! Silly old lion! (9.20, Cara points out she wanted to do this from the day we moved into the house with the stone lion and that i didn’t give her any props for the idea. Well, i did when talking with Mike about it. Just not in this post.)

I hear the sound of someone whetting a knife in the next room as we (i) speak. How appropriate!

Saw Bourne Ultimatum just a couple hours ago-0 sorry if you wanted to come, it was kind of last minute. We thought it was pretty great, a fitting wrap-up to the trilogy if they stop with just the three movies, though there’s talk of at least one more. Highly recommending the Bourne movies to all; we are in the midst of the emergence of a pomo spy franchise, the likes of which only Bondologists can speak with any authority.

Speaking of semi-colons… i use them alot because i read that only college-educated people use semi-colons. Since i don’t actually have such an education, i like to give the impression that i do; have one, that is.

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