Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What a crazy week. That means that i will be up past 9pm consistently over the next few days… crazy! Last night we did a benefit concert for kids in a Ugandan community (think Invisible Children) and we raised a bunch of cash for education and a well ( i think).

Judson Spence agreed to put on a free show for us- if you don’t know Judson, he’s the guy who clapped on U2’s cut, “Desire”- and he brought it. He’s an amazing guy, someone you’d want to have over for dinner because he and his wife are just good people. Oh, and he’s got this voice… unbelievable. His band flew in from all over the U.S. on their own dime to make it happen. It was sweet.

Thursday and Friday I’ll be in ATL- wanna hang out? Catalyst is the reason for going, it also will be sweet. I added a page from Jake Bouma, one of the funniest things i’ve read…

One Comment on “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

  1. jesse says:

    That conference looks to be quite impactful! Can’t wait to hear from you about it afterward.

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