The Measure of a Conference

How do you know if a conference was any good? That is, how do you quantify and crunch an experience into a stat in order to determine whether it was worth x amount of dollars to attend? Unknown. But my blogroll grew mightily upon my return from Catalyst and there were several more people that i wanted to add who don’t have blogs (yet?), like Francis Chan, whose session alone was worth a lot of cake. I think the blogroll/connection thing is a worthy indicator, though not very quantifiable.

Oh, and Ken Wilber wasn’t speaking at Catalyst, but i realised i hadn’t added his yet. What would happen if Ken spoke at Catalyst? Does anybody else read Ken Wilber? Really? He makes C.S. Lewis and Christopher Hitchins sound like little kids fighting over toys… though i enjoy both these guys very much. Reading Ken is like reading a Chuck Palahniuk (Invisible Monsters, Fight Club) hitter to your brain- and your brain likes it.

When i say cake, it means mental uranium… which, if harvested and sold would be worth a lot of jack.


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