Need to Know vs. Need to Sleep

If i were a double-oh, M would never have any clue where i’m at. I never check in on my blog, i probably wouldn’t check in w HQ, MI-6, or whoever i’d be working for in that scenario. It would be good for global security. That has nothing to do with why I haven’t posted in several days, really. I should be very clear with this: i am not an international spy.

I’ve been soaking up other writings these last few days, going thru my blogroll to see what other people are thinking. Tim Stevens recommended watching Michael Clayton- check his blog to day for some really good quotes. Speaking of quotes, my fascination of the week is a guy named Arnold Bennett, who wrote a book called “How to Live on 24 Hours a Day”, in 1922. He wrote it for the 9-5ers who, he felt, went thru the motions of daily life, waking up to work rather than really living- thus, the title is How to Live, not How to Exist.

Exist and survive are exchangeable in this context, i think.


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