On the Rocks

For all of the things which could, feasibly, be on the rocks; these would include my Ship of Life, my Jack, my Checkbook- none of these are the subject of discussion today. No, sadly, it is a long-standing professional relationship with Bill Gates which is on the rocks today.

Bill has provided me with quick and reliable email service for several years now. But with his recent tinkering (he calls it an upgrade) my access to email has taken a hit. If i were to attempt to log on right now, I have no confidence that i could access my email. Such is our current standing.

What am i supposed to do? I work for a fast-paced company. I need to be able to sneak surreptetious peeks at my personal email without delays like this. I can’t be spinning my pointer while I’m on the clock and there’s work to be done. Do i just break it off? How do i tell him? Do i tell him? or do i just wait until he emails me again and he finds out about it thru an error message?

Why, Bill?! We were brothers!!


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