1.0- before the upgrade.

Got a forwarded letter today from Mike. We were roommates in FL, and we brought a homeless guy in to live with us once. It didn’t go all that well. The forwarded letter was from that guy. He says he’s on his own two feet now, and is in the process of paying back everyone he’s wronged. In AA they call this “making amends”. It’s step 9. Ironically, the “step 9” episode of Seinfeld was on last night- the one where George tracks down a guy in recovery b/c he hears the guy has moved on to step 10, and feels the guy didn’t properly make amends with him.

Making amends sounds like a pretty hard thing to do.

There are a few people i can think of who this guy needs to make amends with. Probably more that i don’t know about. I wonder if he’ll catch up with Molly and make that right. I wonder, like George, if he really means it, or if he’s just trying to get thru the steps. I wonder what the list of people to make amends with would look like if i sat down with a paper and pen.

This guy who lived with us has had his ups and downs. This letter, i think, is an up. But i’ve seen the downs, too. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about him on the news sometime. There’s a rhythm to people that i don’t understand. The older i get, the easier it is to tune out, to not pay attention to that rhythm- easier to just do the easier things and wish rather than work.

I remembeer being told that once you’re 21 or 22 years old, that you’ve made pretty much all your hard decisions and you just kind of coast after that. I rejected that idea when i heard it, but i catch myself coasting more often than I’d like. Even the decision to not coast is alot more work than it used to be. Coasting is an uncomfortably real thing. Using the same word, over and over, is really lame; it’s coasting.


One Comment on “1.0- before the upgrade.”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    Glad you got it…I actually forgot that I sent it to you.

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