Strategic Coasting

I’ve been on intellectual hiatus. Not that i’ve been on hiatus in the land of intellectualism- more like, I’ve been avoiding that place like the plague. It’s been a few weeks (3?) now that i haven’t read any books or studied or really thought long and hard about anything. I was reading a few different books (which is my norm), but i set them all aside at one time and haven’t picked one up since.  

It’s been really nice, actually. I haven’t been engaging people in particularly deep discussions or picking their brains about issues. I might call it coasting-but I would probably counter (in my head) that it’s strategic coasting. I can get pretty bogged down in weighty stuff and lose sanity and social interest. This hiatus is a calm before the storm… of sorts. My new year is this Thursday and this is a great time for me to reset and refine my thoughts on the coming year. Reflection on the past year is the first order of business, 

…or i’m just slacking off. 


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