What are you going to be for Halloween?

I’m going as Jesus as He would appear as an Irish-American in 21st Century USA.

Not really. I just like the pompous sound of that.

Today is New Year’s Eve… sort of. Tomorrow is the first day of Samhain and the first day of the Celtic Calendar and like many things Celtic, it is both pagan and xian. See How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill for the explanation on that one.

Tomorrow is also All Saints Day. Has a more west church feel to it and seems to cover alot of different things (all the saints everywhere, ever, for one.) but also the day which martyrs of the xian faith are remembered collectively.

Andrew Jones has determined he is going to go thru the entire celtic calendar this year; starting tomorrow you can track with him on Our Daily Blog, which I’ve added to the blogroll for the year.

I’ve considered Nov. 1st my new years day for a long time- it’s my birthday and always seems like a more appropriate time for reflection and forward thinking than the craziness of the time between xmas and Jan. 1st. The fact that all these other things are associated with Nov. 1st is still pretty new knowledge for me and I’m still sorting out the info that’s available. I think, by tracking with Andrew thru the celtic calendar, I’ll get a better handle on what it all is.

Anyway, a fine Samhain and slainte to you.


5 Comments on “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

  1. Mike Ash says:


  2. metamoses says:

    Thanks, man. If i could remember b’days, i’d do the same for you. What were you for Halloween?

  3. jesseehunter says:

    Happy Birthday(yesterday)! Dang, wish I would’ve checked this YESterday…was it a blast from your future’s past er what?

  4. metamoses says:

    Jesse- Thanks, it was lovely. We took off from work early and Cara took me to Mirror on 12th South for dinner… they didn’t open til later, so we went into a couple places and looked around- like Two Elle (what exactly do they mean by that, anyway?) and Art House. Fun places that make you wish you had money to blow.

  5. mike ash says:

    for halloween, i was a youth pastor. how abot you guys?

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