Musta ben thuh Chumby

The Chumby entered my brain as a harmless idea and grew into a huge discussion regarding pirates, technology and cultural integration- savvy? I am not. It threw me into a bottomless pit of word-traps and all my critical thinking faculties flew out the window. I wanted to care about the Chumby, but can’t bring myself to it. I guess i will never matriculate the technation.

In other words, i’ve been doing things other than blogging the last few days. For instance, i picked up “Made to Stick” by the Brothers Heath (these are not the Brothers Brick or Grimm) upon the indirect (to me, anyway) recommendation of Matt. So far, this is an unbelievable book and should be in the hands (rather than on the shelf) of anyone who deigns to call themselves a communicator. Parantheses aside, it is a must-read and will likely grace my Cloning List one day.

I was going to pick up the (new?) one from Mark Scandrette, but Borders didn’t have it in the store. (do i want to order it? i could get a better price from amazon- i came here to spend more money for the joy and convenience of pulling it off the shelf all on my own. so no- i don’t want to order it. i want to pluck it when it’s ripe.) The book is Soul Graffiti and my only worry is that it’s going to be another Blue Like Jazz or New Monasticism (these books are fine, whatever) but the twist would be that it’s based in San Fran. That would be lame. I read a little this evening in another, better bookstore (B&N) and i think it’s worth a read- it certainly got me thinking seriously about the issues he raises… rather than just the misty-eyed idealism i usually wolf down.


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