An Unexpected Post

Ater 6 months of blogsperimentation, I am putting this thing on the shelf. I am taking the next 6 months to devote my writing time to a project I’ve been putting off.

I like the blogging thing alot and have a much better idea of how to go about it for next time, Gadget. I’ll continue to use this blog as a crossroads for other blogs- making this blog an old-timey pub and inn, I suppose- but that means i’ll probably keep up the blogroll and expand it as i find new stuff, and give more thought to other blogs and interact with them on the hyways and bighways.

I may pick this up again next May- that’s to be determined. What i would appreciate is this; if you have any devastating critiques or humorous anecdotes regarding this weblog, please drop them in the comments for this post so’s i can reference them when i decide to blog again.

Thanks, Jesse, Josh, Jeff, Mike and my wife (and Brad!) for the hits and comments over the last 6 months… i think you were the only people to actually visit. Sweet! 

3 Comments on “An Unexpected Post”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    boo, boo, boo…

    what about all of the wisdom you promised? the insight? the direction?

    or, that was probably just what i was hoping and expecting from you…

    before you go, you should post a couple of controversial blogs about touchy subjects and just go all out honest…like everything from homosexuality to the current state of the church. I think that you could say a lot, but that’s just me…

  2. brad says:

    i visitd, i read, i commentd.

    hope your writing project goes well!

  3. metamoses says:

    Mike: an opine coloumn, eh? that sounds like fun. Probably won’t happen here- but i do appreciate and take seriously the invite to speak in idealistic terms w/o the confines of having to be completely right.
    Brad: um, i’m a little intimidated by your visit, honestly- but thanks for stopping by and leaving notes! Glad you liked the Bad Ideas.

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