A Long-Expected Post

It’s easier to come back here than it is to write new stuff elsewhere. I wanted to leave some thoughts for myself here (it’s okay if you peek) after some time away for reflection and goofing-off. Mainly, this is about blogging and what i’ve learned/unlearned.

1. Blogging is marginally about my thoughts- but it is increasingly about sharing. Blogging is not just the act of posting; but of posting, reading, commenting, observing, tracking, communing…. No blogger is a blogland unto themselves- by signing up to blog, we sign up to actively, proactively, increasingly and faithfully connect and support.

2. It takes six months to figure out what you don’t want your blog to be about. I’m someone who generally has a clearer idea of what i don’t want than what i do want. I begin most creative work with deconstuction- i set out to create something beautiful with a sledgehammer. At some point, i come around and lay down the demo tools (blunt and large) and pick up the constructive tools (precise and articulated).

3. Visiting other people is a lot more fun than waiting for people to visit me. It’s oddly addictive to check one’s traffic counters for ego than to find out what people actually care about- but not nearly as much fun.

4. Comments make the world go ’round. Momentum is a big deal and comments have a snowball way of making things like blogs seem bigger and more appealing to the blogger- and thus, easier to keep up the momentum of good, faithful posting. One good comment will last me a week.

5. Understanding #4, i don’t post enuf on other blogs. I like to visit a lot and take- i rarely leave anything behind. I devalue others’ momentum by my ommisions, and that’s not right.

6. Blogging is alot more personal and connective than i thought. It often brings a smile and always sparks live, in-person conversations that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

7. Blogging is a lot of work- but the kind of work that you want to work hard at.

8. Pages are largely undervalued in the blogosphere. The nature of posts is that they are often written in the moment- as Gary Larson said, “Whether you’re an airtraffic controller or a brain surgeon, you’re going to have off-days.” and our posts reflect that- even my journal skips from depressed to elated to moody within a few days. Pages provide an opportunity for context. When visiting a new blog, it’s helpful if that person has laid out some stuff that’s a little more thoughtful, a little more static/concrete that will give me some insight into how they think. It allows me to understand where that person is coming from and provides a context for the in-the-moment posts.

9. Because they are largely undervalued, pages have to be promoted hard-core within the blog. They need credibility loaned to them until they can stand on their own.

Extra Credit: How many tenses did i use? and how many times did i switch from first-person to second-person and back?


One Comment on “A Long-Expected Post”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    welcome back…

    so, i don’t know how long you will be on here or checking this or posting, but if it’s not very often, I would seriously love to ask you some questions and have you post about different subjects here. Even if they are just idealistic views.

    For example, I would love to know this: If you were to have control over the values and belief systems of someone from the time that they were born until they were 20, what are the values and belief systems that you would want instilled in who they are?

    Another: What is the most complicated concept that you’ve ever pondered before?

    Or: Why don’t more people do more to help the world?

    I’ve got a ton that I would love to hear your well thought out answers to. Just an idea.

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