Books (the second- mostly about tools)

I am asked: “What book do you wish everyone would read?”

Which is a little like asking, “what tool should everyone have in their toolbox?” Answer: Well, there are a few tools you’ll need to keep handy under the kitchen sink. There are a number of books I’d like every xian to read (this week, if possible- then we can all be on the same page for next week), in this order:

1. Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ, Madame Jeanne Guyon

2. The Importance of Being Foolish, Brennan Manning

3. The Cost of Discipleship, Dietrich Bonhoeffer

4. The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard

There, that should clear up a few things around here. These books are all in the “Spiritual/Personal Development” category. Would you like other categories covered here? Write to us and tell us what you think! The links to the books and authors are on my “cloning list” page.

A note on #1: this little gem could prob be categorised as “devotional”- but not quite. It was written in the 17th? century and is a collection of letters which Guyon wrote to new believers in her circle of friends- so its very warm and personal. She wanted to give them a foundational understanding of the mystical aspects of the xian faith- that is, the “personal relationship” thing. I didn’t read this ’til i had been a xian for 20 years (or maybe 10 years- depending on your understanding of what that means), and wished i had been taught these things back when. It’s basic, dynamic and really short.

One Comment on “Books (the second- mostly about tools)”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    on #1 – why? I have the book per your previous request, but I feel like I need more inspiration to read it…what type of book is it? Informational or devotional or both?

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