Integral Psychology

Just wrapped up my reading of Ken‘s “Intergral Psychology”. Can’t say that my brain kept up with him the whole way- he’s a fantastic writer and i’m sure he’s dumbing it down for me- but I’m not smart enuf to keep up with him, but it was really, really good. I don’t write reviews and i couldn’t do it justice anyway, so this isn’t a review- I’ll just say that it was excellent and you ought to check it out.
Andrew said i ought to read it when i told him i was having a hard time breaking ought of my terrible bible-reading patterns. He diagnosed my problem as “western hermenuetics” and he nailed it. Ken’s book explores spirituality thru the lens of psychology and because he’s not a professing xian, he can say a lot of things that xians aren’t allowed to say- which is very refreshing and eye-opening and mind-expanding. In a good way… if you can ignore some of his conclusions and appreciate his insight without being threatened by it.
In my words, Integral is his(?) term for an exploration of spirituality that looks more like a dynamic 3-D spreadsheet thingy and less like a static 12-inch measuring device. What i mainly appreciate about Ken is his sense of truth and his giving credit wherever he may find it, without giving into the temptation to claim it as his own (pet peeve alert! xians take note!).
As i read Ken, terms come to mind such as “There’s a bit more going on here than we think.” and “Everything is Spiritual- Everything is Connected.” and “The Gods are Not Angry.”
Two quotes from IS which provide their own context and are wonderfully applicable:
1. “The secret of contextual thinking is that the whole discloses new meanings not available to the parts and thus the big pictures we build will give new meaning to the details that compose it. Therefore, choose your big pictures with care.”
2. “…all four quadrants- organism (It), environment (Its), consiousness (I) and culture (We)- cause and are caused by the others: they ‘tetra-evolve’.”
In other words, uh, we haven’t arrived yet, kids- so don’t act like you have.

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