The Curiousity of Doubt.

“If we are all thinking the same thing, someone isn’t thinking.”

Doubt and questioning are fundamental to growth. Was it Franklin or Jefferson (or someone else?) who said that, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.”?… it’s the same idea for the Church and those who are given to thinking about Her. This is why i am surprised at all the “us vs. them” talk in the Church in america- it involves group A questioning long-held ideas and beliefs and group B telling the group A to stop questioning and stop being heretics. Fierce fidelity to Christ and His gospel is not compromised or threatened by questioning, is it? Why is the questioning so bad? Why isn’t it celebrated?

Take the Emergent/Anti-Emergent debate… or the big episcopal divide right now. Why is it that every generation struggles to arrive at new places of thought and spirituality and has to fight thru- not just the previously held beliefs- but seemingly the established generation, to get there? And why when they get there, do they think they’ve had the fianl thought on the subject and beat down the next generation? Won’t someone who studies generationlism debunk this crappy cycle?

What is the established generation supposed to do with the next? Celebrate and guide or alienate and deride? Maybe they act like heretics because we treat them like heretics. I wonder what it would be like to sit down with the next gen over coffee (or whatever THEY drink) and hear crazy ideas and not be threatened by them- but instead encourage it and maybe open their brains to new ideas that leads to new perspectives and lead them into new territory. Is that discipleship?

Frustrated and a bit discouraged, i guess. I get the sense there’s a better way to pass the torch than the current model of beating and burning. This battle isn’t supposed to be against flesh and blood, is it? Have we really already thought all the best thoughts? Is there a chance that we are the giants upon whose shoulders others will need to stand? Is this too many rhetorical questions? Will Batman escape the buzzsaw/conveyor belt-contraption? Does this really have anything to do with discipleship?

2 Comments on “The Curiousity of Doubt.”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    one of my big prayers right now for Karston is that he would be able to approach Jesus in that best way that suits him and that God would allow me to support him in that, even though his way may seem so wrong to me…

  2. meg donahue says:

    too often Christians find a favorite teacher and follow without reading scripture and asking the Author to explain the content meant just for him. Pride in a favorite teacher, a favorite doctrine, a favorite tradition, has always been in the Church.
    You see the problem, so now you be the one who truly communes with your intimate Papa-God as you read scripture, and aggressively choose to believe Him, while fully questioning His existence, love, whatever keeps you from fully believing. God is big enough to handle any doubt, and bring you back full circle. The people you describe as beating down the next generation don’t really believe God can handle life.

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