Pages Updated- Now with DIY!!

I’ve updated the Pages section with something titled: The Great Commission- go read it!

AND… taking a hint from Brad, I’ve included a DIY section in said page. I would like to do this with the others pages eventually, cause it’s a great idea and i would like to make this blog thingy a bit more worth your while to visit. Feedback on the DIY?

The answers of life are everywhere- so it’s important to ask the right questions. The DIY stuff helps me excavate what i’m thinking and “drags up all kinds of stuff”, both good and bad- which inspired the original post title of “The Jerk Within”, but i didn’t want you to think it was meant to be about you, so i changed it.


One Comment on “Pages Updated- Now with DIY!!”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    here’s a random question, what are some of the things that Cara does consistently that makes her a great wife?

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