As for that other writing project, well…

It’s coming along. I mean, it was slow going until i met google. Google tools are helping me realise some wonderful possibilites in terms of organisation and location. Previously, i have used a paper bag to store my endless piles of idea-filled post-it notes, now i am just uploading everything to google and working it out there- sort of my paper bag in the sky, with a search tool in the bag. Nice.

Anyway, the project is mostly for my own benefit, since i imagine anyone who’s interested in this kind of thing actually knows this stuff already. i am creating a timeline of the protestant church in a rather huge spreasheet so i can look at the development of various denoms and movements and streams side-by-side for analysis… ’cause that’s what i do, kids- i analyse stuff.

Eventually, i can see these profound revelations making their way into a running commentary of some sort- maybe an 8 volume Denominational Handbook or something… for the time-being, its just about protestantismism.


I’ll be putting a linkism to it (in the blogroll, probably) so you can view it while i’m developing it and laugh at my ignoranschism. I’m learning quite a lot just by reviewing the early 16th century. Gosh, i had no idea about this stuff, its really lovely; and I’m learning a bit about where i’m coming from theologically, to boot.

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