a word from the editor.

hi. here at metamoses content, clarity and cleanliness are highest priorities. we hope you’ve enjoyed the outlandish articles and pointless theories presented here. we would like to apologise at this time for our complete lack of understanding concerning the difference between emerging and emergent and capital E and lowercase e in each scenario. we don’t know what the difference is and use these terms pretty interchangeably thruout our posts. we just like emergence theory as applied to Church and think it serves as a lovely and very useful metaphor. regarding the emerging/emergent differentiation, we offer these words: whiskey tango foxtrot. can someone please clear this up for us? we dont feel like doing research we suspect will not be worth our time. seriously- where should we start?


3 Comments on “a word from the editor.”

  1. joshnjesse says:


  2. metamoses says:

    Jesse: good point. what i mean is, i really have no idea about the e/E distinctions… and kind of annoyed that there exists already these nit-picky categories among (what i thought were) acategorical folk. make sense?

  3. joshnjesse says:

    yep. When you first blogged about e, I wikipedia’d it and felt quickly overwhelmed with all the distictions, about which I had not idea one before this.

    Yikes. Poster cards would be helpful…and puppets.

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