Rhetorical Question?

So, here’s a question…  if the point of xianity is ‘just’ Jesus dying on a cross, then what was all the teaching about? If we don’t follow Jesus just because he was (is?) a good teacher, but so much more, then why do we dis the rabbi thing? Couldn’t he have just been a carpenter turned revolutionary and gotten killed that way? Why dedicate your life to the Law if your death is about to cancel it out?

What is that all about?

Wait, are you saying Jesus wasn’t a carpenter?

Right. He was a Rabbi- that’s  not a part-time waitress thing where you’re not quite good enuf to be a full-time waitress- its something you literally dedicate your entire life to. You prove you are “the best of the best” and THEN spend the next 12-15 years learning as a disciple… THEN you get to be a Rabbi afterward.

Well, that changes some things.

Right. If he’s ‘just going to die’, then why take the time to do the Rabbi thing? Seems pretty complicated to invest in something, then cancel it out… if you believe that the new covenant that Jesus brought cancels out the former… anyway, I mean, does that make sense at all? The point of xianity isn’t to “live a good life”, so why did Jesus dedicate himself to teaching people to live a good life?

Two Options… so far:

1. Jesus sees the rabbincal system as the best way to get people to follow him so he can send them out to tell everyone about his death and salvation, etc. End of story- a means to an end.

2. There is intrinsic value in the Torah and the faithful handling of it. The rabbincal system furthers the gospel and/or the gospel is the next evolution in the Torah timeline. Praps he was purging and redeeming said system?

 Extra question: how many covenants are there? new and old? abraham? noah? is it just one big covenant? why all the covenant talk? what’s wrong with carpentry- not good enuf for ya?


4 Comments on “Rhetorical Question?”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    hey, quit messing with all of the stuff that people have told me that is widely accepted that I’ve never actually researched for myself…

  2. metamoses says:

    thanks. hey- i really liked the story about the woman hitting on you at the bar. you have always been a funny man… it is your timing and delivery that have gotten so good. well done. oh, and the rest of the sermon was good, too. like the door analogy alot. thanks for that as well!

  3. Mike Ash says:

    thanks man…I’m pretty excited about you guys coming through the door to the new fort!

  4. Meg Donahue says:

    The deepest and most meaningful part of Christianity is like marriage, our relationship with Jesus is alive and intimate. In fact, Jesus likened it to Marriage. You could learn about Cara, study her thoughts, watch her at work and play, ask her to do things for you, read her letters to you, and you could learn so much about her it would be as if you knew her. But not what you could call a relationship. You don’t really know and enjoy Cara in your life until you come close to listen to her, hold her, gaze into her eyes, share time and space, have those special moments that create a “set apart” relationship. Like knowing Jesus, it’s what sets the religion of Christianity apart from the relationship of knowing Him, not just as Savior, Lord, but as best friend. We’ve heard “lover of my soul” and “the Vine and the Branches” so much they have lost their meaning, but they are at the heart of a deep down gut fulfilling life. It’s nothing generational and any
    Enlightenment Beyond” this is backwards and empty. Paul says to pray continually, and that’s a running conversation all day long; gazing into His eyes is reading His Word and expecting Him to talk with you as you read, or quieting your mind in worship and letting Him overwhelm you with His Spirit. This isn’t something that comes easy, it takes surrender of the deepest part of the soul to move forward in relationship with him. It’s like both you and Cara said, do you go your own selfish way, or do you continue to develop that relationship? Do you sacrifice some time and energy to gain your true hearts desire, or do you wave Him off and just read a little about Him later?

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