Celebrating Six Months of Guilt-Free Blogging.

I’ve been blogging at this site for nearly a year now. About six months into, it i decided to quit. Call it the grand experiment and a wrap. Leave town. Well, that didn’t happen. I just kept blogging. Blogging because people kept asking questions. Blogging because i could. Stealing precious time from other projects. Blogging not because i had to, but because i wanted to.

The guilt free version of blogging is much nicer. Much more interesting. I don’t have to apologise because i’m not living up to made-up expectations in my head. I don’t have to apologise because i’m not living up to others’ expectations (also made up in my head).

Guilt free blogging. Blogging lite. The twopointoh. As for me and my blog- we will post whenever we feel like.

There’s some kind of built-in duty to perform. Like with journaling- and half the entries begin with an admission of having not journaled in a while, as if there isn’t a date at the top of the page to indicate it. Confession of imagined sins; what sort of soul is that good for? I like the guiltless version quite a bit better.

Blogging, at its worst, is a trumped-up discipline. A set up for failure. A lesson learned that i should have already had down. At best… a corner table with a friend who has lots of cool friends. Praps a macchiato, too… it implies a fine conversation and time well spent. One shares ideas one has had and leaves with ones one hadn’t had  before. But that’s a little cliche, isn’t it?

5 Comments on “Celebrating Six Months of Guilt-Free Blogging.”

  1. Mike Ash says:

    it’s about time that you blogged again…

    Just kidding…:)

  2. meg says:

    Freedom to be who we are in God is a most precious gift!! Being set free to enjoy life happens when we get closer to Jesus and see what’s really real, and what is a burden unnecessary to carry anymore. Being free of others expectations means we have seen into their hearts with the understanding God has given us, and have found God’s joy in loving them, and acceptance of God’s love for ourselves, no small feat…it’s supernatural…and so freeing!!

  3. Cara Donahue says:

    that’s blogorriffic!

  4. jesse says:

    I second tallskinnykiwi.

    “blog on, dude!”

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