The next installment.

You’ll be pleased to know that i’ve completed the next installment in my dramatic short story series. It’s a follow-up (and not a sequel) to a previous story in that there’s a theme of sorts… but that’s about it. These stories are not for those requiring resolution and/or fairplay in story-telling. They are just word candy- fun for a bit and may or may not be healthy after all. In all these stories, i always feel like the twist is the most obvious thing in the world and i can see it coming a mile away. Hope its not that way for the reader- but i’m not very good at deceptive storylines, so it probably doesn’t work.

So, that’s what i was doing.


3 Comments on “The next installment.”

  1. Cara Donahue says:

    Isn’t candy supposed to be about indulgence and experience? I do not eat it for my health, unless it is my green tea candy, and then I think I’m just deluding myself and those around.

  2. Mike Ash says:

    candy is good for you in that it makes you happy, which helps your attitude, which lowers stress, which helps you live longer

    do you frequent You’d really like it…

  3. meg says:

    When, oh when do I get to read it????
    It’s been much too long since I’ve read anything by David Donahue!!

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