Just keeps going…

Most of my writing energy has been used up in these little stories i’ve been writing. Finished yet another the other day and haven’t had any bloggy posts in that time. Creative stuff is all used up- i don’t think i’ve ever completed two seperate projects so close together.

Even my reading is an effort. I left James Bond in St. Pete last week… Solitaire kidnapped, Leiter still mummified and 007 is getting pretty desperate.

I have, however, been reading alot of Father Brown– not Father Dowling, thanks- and though it’s hard work, it’s very short and tameable. I don’t have to keep more than two or three facts and a handful of names to keep track and try to figure out the mystery before the answer is revealed. I can’t stand his theology, but Chesterton’s short stories are lots of fun. And every time i look him up at Wikipedia, though, the picture is worse.

I will require a quantum of solace before more writing can begin.

One Comment on “Just keeps going…”

  1. meg says:

    You are a word master.
    As much as I enjoy the Gen project, I set it aside as soon as I feel it begins to be dull and heavy because the project is so huge, and getting more so as I go along, and I NEED to enjoy it in order to continue. Just discipline myself to write and research regardless of how I feel? With the amount of stress in my life, I can’t. A portion of the album is done, alife group is going, and looking forward to beginning the Big Daddy, the dramas! Besides, someone said in a “word” that God says to relax and enjoy the whole project.
    I will, thank you!

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