Will exhaust my capacity.

This phrase has been lolling around in my head for a bit. Considering one can not entirely (or even probably come close) know, understand, experience or love God fully, completely; it becomes important to think about what one can do.

I can exhaust my given capacity to know and love God.

Which sounds very esoteric and mystical, and there is an element of the i’ll-never-really-understand-it about xianity; but there’s also a wonderfully pragmatic side to God which allows us a great degree of access and understanding. There is stuff i can do. The trick is not mixing things up or confusing on with the other. Separate and the same.

Engaged in divine activities throughout the day. Viewing the whole day with a God-around-the-corner-holy-suspicion-i.e.,-what-is-God-up-to-in-this-place? bias.

This can also be called “finding God” in otherwise random and everyday things. It’s important to not stop at the doing but going on to the seeking within the activity. Hmm. That’s mystical again, without being very practical.

Practicality is a very Christ-like thing.

One can gauge, i think, one’s own christlikeness on one’s own practicality. Does my xianity lead to everyday tasks which bring myself and others into a deeper understanding and appreciation of God? or does it lead into nonsensical sentences and pointless theories that any goofball can posit and defend? The irony is strong with this one.

It’s important to think and to seek with one action.


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