McCain/Palin =(?) Piper/Driscoll

Both of these items are old news- but i didn’t make the connection until today. When i heard that McCain had tapped Palin to come along with him and take the seat next to him on the Straight Talk Express, it jiggled my memorator… but i didn’t know why. Then today i read this and was reminded of Piper coming around and endorsing (puzzlingly, yes) Driscoll.

One leads into the other.

Initially, McCain had a chance to win, to be succesful, to be taken seriously. Well, Palin has a good rep., honestly, as Alaskan Governor. I’d heard good things about her for a long time. Then she started talking and things went downhill fast. It made me wonder what on earth McCain was thinking.

The elder statesman takes the younger generation under his wings and shows the way to the promised land. Um, could you have picked someone else? Someone who could move things forward? Someone who has thought stuff through before talking about it? Someone who has rudimentary logic skills to employ in their profession of choice? That is to say, “I am right because my opponent (real or imagined) is a sissy.” is not a valid argument.


Really, the options aren’t great… we’re getting into more involved topics now. See, (insert sarcastic tone until end of paragraph) we’ve been doing this leader selection thing for a long time. On the American political scene in the U.S., our process of voting the best suited person into office has been refined and molded into the best system of selecting your leaders that the world has ever seen. That’s why we have the current options.

(end sarcasm) Is this really the best we could come up with?

It just seems like the older-and-wisers are reaching out to the entirely wrong up-and-comers.

What do YOU think?



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