Disaster ’08

As reported here, we voted a couple weeks ago. I want to be real up front and let you know who i voted for. Perhaps it will help you decide if you haven’t already. This post assumes that you are not considering a third party candidate- mathmatically throwing your vote away, etc.

Our two options this year are:

1. Unmitigated Disaster. Referred to in this post as UD.

2. Anticipated Disaster. Henceforth, AD.

I voted for AD. When i voted, I didn’t feel as though the cream of America had risen to the top. I’m not entirely sure what rose to the top. I’m in damage control mode at this point. Need to just admit that we’re kind of dumb and don’t have this political process thing down yet. Cut our losses.

You may call this fear of the unknown- the next four years being an unknown quantity regardless of who’s elected- but i don’t feel that way at all. I feel like i can take a certain amount of fall in favor of what would appear to be an even greater and surer fall. What i don’t get from either candidate is a sense of upside. So…



One Comment on “Disaster ’08”

  1. Cara Donahue says:

    Actually I wrote in Harry Potter as the V.P. to be exact.

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