Happy Samhain!

I mentioned in my last post two books on the subject of self-deception. These books are helpful on their own, but when read together, uh, or, sequentially they form a more whole-istic, integral picture. More bang for your buck because of the exponential interaction and what-not. I’d like to expand on that with some of my favorite pairings…1. Fish and Chips– must be partaken of at Dan McGuinness, a lovely irish pseudo-public house here in Nashville. A pint wouldn’t hurt this pairing one bit, either.

2. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk and Wild at Heart by John Eldridge. Both books are pretty good on their own- Fight Club ftw, tho. Chuck is able to say things and ask questions that John can’t b/c John writes for a christian publisher…

3. Indonesian coffees and paper cups. The earthy tones of indos pair best with paper. Ceremic is a killjoy and styrofoam eats the planet.

4. Whiteboards and Dry-Erase Markers. In most cases, you can substitute one thing for another- not so much in this case.

5. Braeburn and Gabietou Herve Mons. May also be called, “slices of apples and cheese”, but these particulars are the best by far. Alors, menage a trois avec un shiraz de Trader Joe’s… c’est ci bon!

Pairings are essential to full experience. One brings out more of the other. Grace pairs nicely with peace.


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