The Sawmill of Modernity.

In the ongoing modernity vs. postmodernity debate, score one for PMism. The wholesale rejection of categories actually leads to some good things. Refusing to accept a categorized life is one of those good things. Postmodernity is, in part, rediscovering the integrated life– no longer accepting that one can successfully have a spiritual life apart from a secular life or maintain sanity while disconnecting deeply connected aspects of life.

This transition to an integrated view of life is underscored by the complete failure on my part to properly communicate the idea of pieces that aren’t pieces. Parts that are only one part… there is a lack of common vocabulary to even talk about the subject.

Modernity chops, hacks and separates life (one word) into chunks and bits that we can attend to individually- there is no unity. It’s almost on the scale of chopping a tree into its discernable “parts”, trunk, branches, leaves, roots, bark, etc., and expecting the tree to continue a healthy life in seperate piles at the sawmill.

Postmodernsim exposes this false view of life. It’s nice that hidden among the junk of postmodernism, there are good things as well.

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