A snippet.

Christianity is a funny thing. It’s a confession, really. Not a bold proclamation of something I’ve achieved so much as something I’m embarrassed by because i admit how morally, emotionally and spiritually dumb i am, how needy and graceless on my own. 

How do you see it?


3 Comments on “A snippet.”

  1. Cara Donahue says:

    If I woke up with this perspective and insight every day, my thoughts/ actions about myself & others would look a lot different. Thanks for the reminder.

    (Hey, is my comment longer than your post?)

  2. futuristguy says:

    I think I’m in Regression … or did I really mean Progression … and neither was a choice so I opted for #3 and just hoped I didn’t Premession up the Polldaddy – dang that’d be bad!

    P.S. Umm … can Christianity be a … Recession?

  3. metamoses says:

    Cara- i think this is my inner twitter. twinner itter.

    Brad- yeah, i was wondering if the poll shouldn’t have been a dozen rhyming choices with a write-in option. I like the idea of christian recession- where i get back to basic habits and smart living and cut off the excessive stuff that i’ve been calling necessary… or did you mean something else?

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