Life, as rediscovered, is not made of separate, autonomous pieces. Life is an integrated existence of descernable aspects. Thanks to modernity, we have gone on thinking that life is safely compartmentalized; that our life is made up of vaccum-sealed, water-tight compartments we can attend to individually and that we control the flow between them.

The acceptance of compartments allows for this kind of destructive statement from the christian pulpit: “Maybe you understand in your mind, but you don’t believe in your heart. That information has to drop 18 inches. It has to go from your head to your heart- then it becomes real, then it changes you.”

To accept this statement as true, you have to assume that one can be exposed to Truth and not be changed. You can put “it” in one airtight compartment and you’ll have no leakage to the other compartments. That is a lie. A modern myth. You cannot understand the words of Truth and somehow not be changed. The separation of heart and head is a dangerous and unbiblical approach to belief and action. Either you get it and it changes you or you don’t get it and you are unmoved.

Its dangerous to think you understand something, especially when you don’t. If you begin to act on misunderstanding, you won’t likely come to good understanding or enlightenment through poorly-guided action… except by failure and the process of eliminating bad results. 


One Comment on “Compartments.”

  1. Cara Donahue says:

    Is modernity like a ziplock bag, where you think your food is safe and neatly packed, but in reality, air can leak in, and your once beloved piece of food is now dried out, moldy or has freezer burn?

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