Truth is not a good idea.

Christians and philosophers alike have treated truth as a good idea– as something to be attained. A mental enlightenment. Postmodernism, of course, rejects this idea of truth– of absolute truth, specifically- and for good reason. Truth, as knowledge, is the scholar’s god- but not much good for the rest of us. Postmodernity, by rejecting the compartmentalization of life, helps us see the flaws of this pursuit of truth.

Truth, biblically speaking, is not an idea- Truth is a Person. Christ himself claims, in some mystical way, to be Truth. By separating Truth from his teachings, we are left with principles, precepts and ideas. Bottled and sold individually, the teachings of Christ are labeled with Truth and sold as such. Some are good on their own but others, divorced from their Source, become dangerous if still held up as “truth”.

By allowing the lie of compartmentalization (geez, there’s a word) to live and define our thought, we give room for debate. Rather than a Person we respond to and interact with, Truth becomes a commodity, a product to be bought and sold- or worse, a standard of righteousness to which we hold others and demand allegiance to.

The danger of living as though the compartments exist and proclaiming a commidified truth, of course, is that we might succeed in winning others to such a tasty cause. With our distorted ideas and forgetfulness of Christ we make converts rather than disciples. Gosh, when i think of the stuff i’ve taught and tried to call it truth… yeeeeccchhh.



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