Found in the Lenin Closet.

I want to write a post on Communism and the Church. I’m pretty sure I don’t mean broad Socialism when I say, specifically, Communism and certain I mean uppercase ‘C’ not lowercase ‘c’ Church. Now i just need a sweet title… like:

Everything I need to know about Communism I Learned from Church.

or, Vice Versa

or, Being a Good Member of the Group.

or, Being a Good Teammate.

or, What’s Wrong with that?

or, Who says Communism is wrong after all?

or, Who says historical misuse of an ideaology makes the ideaology inherently bad?

or, Have We Really Seen Either Fully Functioning as Intended?

or, What would the founding creators say about either if they saw them now?

or, Would Jesus recognize the Church?

or, Would Paul recognize the Church?

or, Would Jesus recognize Communism?

or, Would Karl approve?

or, It just ends up in Dictatorship, so why Bother?

Well, I have some more titles, but none that I’m sold on yet. Suggestions?


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