Scary Stuff, Pt.1

A series of posts remembering the things that scared the %&#%@ out of me as a child. In the words of Homer Simpson, “This thing writes itself!”

What: Monkeys. Not Monkees. Monkeys.

More precisely, a race of super-gorillas with incredible strength and vicious intelligence bent on subjection of the entire human population and destruction of the Overland from whence they came.

Origin: Unknown. Planet of the Apes wasn’t on my radar. Seriously.

Feared Action: Capturing little kids (like me) and taking them to their underground sewer fortresses. Helpless and vulnerable doesn’t begin to describe how i felt about this.

Ramifications: I was scared to death of monkeys during my waking hours. The zoo exhibits were a mix of strange fascination and fear. I was glad we had caught some of them.

Nightmare Factor: 0/10 Wierdly, there were no nightmares that i can recall. Its probably for the best.

Therapeutic Recovery: learning about Jane Goodall would have helped. In the end, growing up was the only remedy. Mark Wahlberg was too late.

Related: Planet of the Apes came on my radar later- when i heard about it, i thought it would be a full-on horror movie. Given my imagination and photos like this one to the right, you can see why. Also, see: Oz, The Wizard of, for more scary monkeys. Added to the super gorillas were legions of winged warriors. Could it have been worse for a four year old?

One Comment on “Scary Stuff, Pt.1”

  1. meg says:

    Origin: Known
    The house you grew up in was haunted, no kidding! I saw many strange things in that house. It was next door to where Grandpa Buttolph found hundreds of arrowheads, and may have been a ceremonial site. When I was young there were little creatures “playing” around my feet, and I truly believe these were the “monkeys”, they may have frightened you more than me because you were closer to Jesus Christ than I was when young. These memories may have benefit for you now, as in learning weapons of spiritual warfare. Before going into battle, read the book of Joshua, every battle different, that means no formulas, and the Commander-in-Chief always is consulted or disaster results. To navigate through the spiritual realm you MUST have a guide, and that one and only guide is the Holy Spirit.
    Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to follow the Holy Spirit wherever He guides. Adventure awaits!

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