Scary Stuff, Pt.2

A series of posts remembering the things that scared the %&#%@ out of me as a kid. In the words of Homer Simpson, “This thing writes itself!”


What: G’mork. The Servant of the Nothing. Probably the most obscure of this series. Note: with NSFD pics.

Media: 1984 movie, The NeverEnding Story.

Point: To give faceless evil a face.

Method: The ultimate kamikaze. What’s scarier than nothing? A being dedicated to nothingness- its mission is only fulfilled by its own annihilation. Yikes!

Ramifications: I became a sissified Atreyu in my dreams- doomed to useless weaponry and running away. Though it became a useful technique in later ‘mares, I think these were the origins of my “running” dreams.

Nightmare Factor: 9/10 Attached to  a large and luxuriously appointed mansion there is a tower- a series of similar rooms stacked one on top of the next. Warm and inviting- though spare as far as furniture goes. A rich stairway connects these floors and does a switch-back at each flight.  The walls of this stairwell are quarter sawn oak panels, framing beautiful pieces of art. The bannisters are also warm oak and the tops of the handrails are covered with velvet. I am running down these stairs at top speed, taking a half-flight at each step and using the velveted handrail to spin me around the switchback. G’Mork, of course, is right behind me the whole way. These were the first dreams where i wasn’t able to wake up when i wanted to and just had to keep running. Why did i even go in the tower to begin with?

Therapeutic Recovery: Watching it years later cured me when i saw that low-budget animitronics could never catch me. But those eyes…!

Related: Another villian, Darth Vader, often showed up in my dreams. He was, however, typically in the automotive department at KMart next to the promotional motor oil display and was easily defeated and/or distracted whilst i ran away. Where is your blue light special now!?


2 Comments on “Scary Stuff, Pt.2”

  1. meg says:

    My scary dreams were:

    Running from an animal which could change shape and fly…it never caught me.

    Running from evil men through corn fields or houses in which stairwyas and doors leds to dead ends…they never caught me either.

    Being in the top of a very tall building that is crumbling, the elevator doesn’t work and the stairs are blocked…I never died in the rubble.

    I’m climbing a very steep mountain and it becomes so steep I can’t hang on…I never died.

    Demons come in one form or another, but I rebuke it in the Name of Jesus…Jesus always wins.

    Makes me wonder what fear really is if I’ve always survived, even in real life. Fear separates me from my Father, perhaps that’s its purpose, to put a barrier between me and the safety of God so that I am a vulnerable and opeen target for the enemy. Indeed, “in the shelter of the Most High”, in dreams and real life, is true safety.

    What do dreams have to do with real life? There may be an answer.

  2. Jess says:

    Dude! This thing STILL scares me to no end! I watch Neverending Story now and again, and realize that its really crappy animatronics but still creeped me out, then I realized…its the EYES! Soooo creepy.
    BTW I’m 22. Still afraid the Gmork is going to get me.

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