Scary Stuff, Pt.4

The last in a short series of posts remembering the things that scared the %&#%@  out of me as a child. In the words of Homer Simpson, “This thing writes itself!”.

What: The 700 Club, segments of

Note: seemingly harsh opinions ahead. actually just the impressions of a little kid.

Media: TV Show.

Point: As a kid, i thought it was to generate donations for an ’88 presidential bid. Donations went where? To providing high-quality, low-content news with a right-wing bent rather than a left-wing bent? Brilliant… well, Fox thinks so now. At least Jim had an amusement park where you could see your cash in action. I wished for a 700 Club Park but no dice.

Scary: Depicting real-life encounters with evil spiritual beings that were somehow very physical as well. There was other stuff on the show, too. But at five years old, this was the impactful stuff.

Ramifications: The depictions of demons and satan himself stuck with me longer than any movie i have ever watched. Had dreams about this stuff for along time. These scary images are all that i remember of the 700 club.

Nightmare Factor: 10/10 Woke up sweating from these images consistenly- more so than any other one source.

Lastly: just once, i wanted Pat to have a word for the little kid whom his show kept up at night. Dice? None.


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