Perfect Timing, pt.2

The very inner being that i am was reborn- a transformation was done and who was previously a sinner is now a saint. It means the deep core of Dave is not who it used to be. Somewhere under layers and layers of old Dave is new Dave.

The transformation begins very, very inside. It works its way out from there. It works inside out with fear and trembling at the damage it will do along the way- cauterized by the one who began the work, who promises to complete it.

To work from here to there is false and self-important. To allow it to come from there to here and to embrace it when i see glimpses of it- that is the embarrassment of grace. My impatient urges to complete my own work are futile and only add layers.

The timing of renewal is perfect.

One Comment on “Perfect Timing, pt.2”

  1. meg says:

    Very elequent, and very well described.

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