Perfect Timing, pt.3

The recent stream of conciousness preachiness continues and concludes with this post , and the assertion that the timing of revelation is miraculous.The power of a lie is such that we will spend our lives, seemingly in vain, with the weight of it. Then the lie is exposed and it becomes nothing, despite years of life lived convinced of its truthiness. But when we move on from it we are strong- made new because of it. The lie can only be such a tool in the hand of God.

But for revelation, there needs to be something covered first. For renewal to be worth something, there has to be something which has grown old.

Revelation- the unveiling of the previously covered. I am revealed in layers. Exposed and shown for who i am. Christ is also revealed- to the world, to the individual. Lies we believe about ourselves, about Christ, shape us in confounding and, retrospectively, unimaginably lovely ways.


One Comment on “Perfect Timing, pt.3”

  1. meg says:

    Again, very eloquent, and very astute. Before Jesus came into my life I was nothing in my own eyes and, I thought, in everyone elses eyes, except for my family; but even they had no power to lift my feet mired in the clay, the clay of my own being at one with the material I was formed from. Jesus began something at salvation, working with me at my point of function and being. Little by little opening my eyes to who I am in Him, He is my moment by moment salvation, revealing the daughter of the King of all Kings. Far too much, far too often, self-pity, anger, self-focus, and the like pull my eyes to imagine my feet still at one with mere clay. In reality I am unbelieveably sitting (!!) with Jesus in His glory and only faith, His or mine, can reveal this and it is breath-taking!!!

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