Default to Decision

“Shall we buy a nice new car or keep the old junky one?” -Andrew Olsen

Andrew points out that once this question is asked you have two options. That’s an important observation, believe it or not. When you ask that question, it immediately brings you to a point of decision. That thing that was previously your mindless default (keep the old junky car indefinitely) is now a choice. If you keep the old junky car its because at a specific moment you chose to keep it.

This goes way beyond semantics. Your previously held “default” is upgraded to a “decision“.

“Thats the way I’ve always done it.”  becomes “This is how i choose to do it.”

“Shall i have a good attitude today?” From here on out today, if i display a poor attitude (my probable default) its because i chose a poor attitude. If you’ve ever heard the “You choose your attitude.” spiel, that’s how it works.

“The rat symbolizes obviousness.” -Ralph Wiggum

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