Post-It Note #3

“Anything worth doing is worth delaying.” -Bottleneck Bill

“The future is that time you’ll wish you had done what you aren’t doing now.” -John C. MaxwellThis  could be about preparation or planning or procrastination. The micro view is doing your paperwork early enough that you aren’t scrambling to finish it at the end of the day and making mistakes as a result. The micro view is putting off the cat litter for one too many days. The macro view is not having a plan in place for the coming year. The macro view is forgetting that  today makes and sets the stage for tomorrow-always.

The point is that life is lived better with margin. If I don’t create space in my schedule, my life, my emotions, whatever- there’s no room for error. Things get packed in so tight that when the pressure comes, stuff starts dropping and popping. I have to scramble and re-prioritize things that should have been done before lunch.

The post-it reminds me to get stuff done now. Pay now- play later.

One Comment on “Post-It Note #3”

  1. cara says:

    I now know how to fill yer stockin’, thank you 3M.

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