Teaser: The Future of Christianity

Ken Wilber has been on the blogroll here since day one… or so. I think it took a few days to get the blogroll up to speed. It may have been day three or four.  Anyway. If you follow Wilber or read Thomas Keating or are aware of the existence of Christianity, this trailer looks pretty interesting. Do go over there and check it out.

What do you think of the graphic at the end? If kind of got me excited.

Oh, and you get three guesses as to whom the look (not so much the brain) of John Locke of Lost is patterned after.


3 Comments on “Teaser: The Future of Christianity”

  1. meg says:

    Okay, I’m confused.
    Lighthouse Trails Research says Ken Wilber left Christianity and became a Buddist, in simple terms.
    I would very much like to know more about “The Future of Christianity”. What does it all mean to you? What draws you toward Ken Wilber? In what ways have you intimately connected to Jesus Christ? Have you explored the religions and the realities of Jesus? The proof of Jesus’ claims? The physical realities of Jesus’ reality? The spiritual realities of Jesus’ claims? Are you being honest with yourself or just want somrthing different?
    Is this where our communication broke down? Hey, these are honest questions, not just jabber! Are we on different spiritual planes? Is Jesus real in your life or isn’t He? Do these questions make you angry or irritated? If so, then get down and dirty honest with yourself and find out what’s going on in your life!
    I love you dearly and any path other than strictly Jesus Christ is leading nowhere. This isn’t just following a crowd, if you had connected with me you would have known I went through some very interesting experiences in the search for what truth really is!! Life is tough enough, I don’t have time for fantasy unless it points in the right direction!
    If you detect any animosity in this message, it is from the spirit guiding you, and not from my heart! There is no anger here, only an intense desire for your good!
    Jesus Christ IS real and all He claimed to be, do an honest check for yourself! Ask Him who He is and to reveal Himself to you.
    DO IT! NOW!

  2. metamoses says:

    Okay, here’s the website mentioned in the comment above: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com
    Lighthouse seeks to expose the evil of contemplative spirtuality. Along with Ken Wilber, the Dombrowskis take issue with several of my favorites; Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Jeanne Guyon, Thomas Merton, Andrew Jones, Rob Bell, Brennan Manning and Rene Girard. Did they have to attack Ravi Zacharias and Henri Nouwen, too? They also go after the easy “emerging” targets like Brian McClaren and Mark Driscoll (and try to lump them together- which is fun!) and get their terms all mixed up. But seriously- John C. Maxwell is a contemplative mystic spreading a false gospel thru “leadership”? Awana promotes contemplative prayer (er, maybe they should)? Ken Blanchard? The reports they give on these men and women seem pretty vindictive, entirely out of any sensible context and include some outlandish accusations. I’m still fuzzy on what the lighthouse people actually do believe- couldn’t find a single rational argument for anything except the evils of everybody else. The road to ruin seems to be paved with randomly selected pages from the books of my favorites thinkers. Check it out!

  3. meg says:

    Thank you!
    Two of my favorites also are Madame Guyon and Mark Driscoll, what thinking person can find fault with them? I don’t know Ken Wilber, how does he fit in with these other two?
    Because it is hard for Dad to get in the car we are not attending church right now and listen to Mark Driscoll every Sunday, he is so real and right on to the spirit of Jesus Christ. The Lighthouse group, are they too religious? Do they condemn anyone who steps within 50 feet of a tavern? What’s the deal?
    What in particular do you like about these people you listed? I, like Madame Guyon, crave intimacy with God, the disciple I identify with most is John, he had a relationship with Jesus that I want, that I experience. And Mark Driscoll thinks on the level of the average working and down and out person who seeks life in God! Who are the others?
    It’s good to connect, thanks for answering! Life is intense, why waste it floating through life just getting by half asleep? Maybe some would call it being a spiritual adrenalin junkie! And Jesus is the pure stuff!!

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