Invisible Wall

“Examine the labels you apply to yourself. Every label is a boundary or limit you will not let yourself cross.” -Dwayne Dyer

I think the craziest thing about limits is that they are self-imposed. Invisible walls- only i can see or understand or make sense of them. Because i made them up. Often, no one else can see them and i have to explain why i cannot do something, say something, think something, etc. I end up trying to describe a non-existent wall.

I built the wall daily with simple declarations- labels of inadequacy. Small steps and concentrated effort compounded over a period of years. Brick by brick.  And there are bricks everywhere just begging to be picked up. I haved stacked liberally over the years.

The wall has to be taken down in the same way. Brick by brick. Everytime I unlabel myself, I take a brick off the wall and slowly remove the barrier. Daily, concentrated effort over a period of time.

Sometimes this feels like the man who was given a needle to tunnel his way through the mountain. After some odd years, he was proud of his progress: he could fit the tip of his thumb in the hole he had made. Do you happen to know where this story comes from? Little victories are victories, nonetheless. 

 Got dynamite?


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