The Way

The way that I live and move is specific. Not a random set of mindless, disconnected actions but the product of my thought.Whether I’m happy with the product or not, its a reality a have to acknowledge. I have cause, purpose, motivation, focus, drive and ambition. The way that I direct these powerful forces is played out daily with compounding, long-term affects.

My focus is often on napping.

My ambitions and dreams are remarkably achievable.

My drive lasts less than my commute.

My purpose changes from day to day.

My motivation is quick and tasty.

My cause is for whatever will be convenient today.

This is not the Way. If only there was an annual time set aside to review one’s life and ideals and re-align them with one’s true ambitions! It would be so culturally integrated that random strangers would have the freedom to ask; “So, have any statement you’d like to make about your personal improvement plans for the next twelve months?” That would be genius.

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