Beat Your Body

I like to think I’m in good shape. I’m not- but i like to think so. Coach gave us some new exercises last week. These are Royal Court and at first you think- “Pfff, these are gonna be easy. But they must do something good for me.” Then I do them for five minutes…I start out doing the hindu squats (so named for the emphasis on breathing- ballet emphasises breathing too, but whatever) and they are tough. Seriously feel like i’ve had the crap beat out of me- after five minutes. I reviewed them this morning to make sure i had the mechanics down and apparently I’ve been doing the sissy version. That is, without the heel lifts.


My arms are going to fall off and i’ve haven’t done the hindu push-ups OR the bridging yet. I had to take a break and post this. I can barely type.

One Comment on “Beat Your Body”

  1. Cara Donahue says:

    Hey, isn’t this one of Scott’s song titles?

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