Unspoken Word

I talk (or listen) to myself most of the day. Not outloud, usually. But i process the happenings of  the day by talking about it. I work alone, so i talk to myself.

I came across this quote today:

“Most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself rather than talking to yourself.” -Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

It made me pay attention. Reverse the quote, and its still true. Most of your happiness (contentment, peace, etc.) will be due to the fact that you are talking to yourself- not merely listening.

He’s saying that rather than passively accepting whatever comes into my head, i need to actively insert positive stuff in my head. Left to randomness, I’ll default to negativity and untruth. I know this. I just need to be reminded of it about every 6 minutes or so.

I need to be sure that when I’m talking to myself, I’m speaking truth.

Pointless Teaser Bonus: what’s the lightbulb for?

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